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          ABOUT NANYU

          Hangzhou Nanyu Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.established in April 2004, is located on the bank of the beautiful Fuchun River, 70KM away from the ancient capital Hangzhou, 2KM away from Hangzhou Xinjing Expressway, convenient transportation, pleasant environment, standardized factory building area of 16,000 square meters, is a company A professional enterprise that produces and markets minimally invasive surgical instruments. Its products have become the preferred surgical instrument supplier for many well-known hospitals at home and abroad due to its superior selection of materials and excellent craftsmanship.

          The company's products have more than 40 patented technologies, involving various departments that have carried out minimally invasive surgery at home and abroad. According to market demand and information feedback, scientific researchers can research and develop new products in a relatively short period of time-because we have a professional team with rich design and development experien...

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